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Wagner Financial offers its clients an exclusive, secure online account aggregation service.

Risk Number

The Risk Number is the first-ever way to objectively pinpoint individual investor risk tolerance.

Meet our Staff

Our experienced professionals have helped many people just like you pursue their financial objectives.

Our Process

We do our best to educate our clients and take the mystery out of investing, insurance, and preserving wealth.

Making Sense In A Complex World

Today’s economic environment brings challenges. But along with challenges come opportunities and potential rewards. Our team will work closely with you to evaluate those opportunities and work towards your objectives. At Wagner Financial we enjoy helping people build a solid financial foundation for the future.

At Wagner Financial Group, our team is committed to helping people just like you create strategies for their retirement assets. Once we understand your risk tolerance, time horizon and goals, we will work diligently to develop a program that carefully balances investment strategies with preserving principal.

Recent Updates

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6 Steps of Comprehensive Financial Planning:

Financial Planner

Establishing a relationship with a financial planner. A conversation discussing the clients goals and the planners qualifications.


Gathering information. Includes the gathering of client data including balance sheets & cash flows along with broad & specific goals & objectives.


Analyzing the collection of data. Begin to plan for your future.

Implement Strategy

Developing & communicating recommendations & strategies to pursue broad & specific financial goals.


Implement recommendations into financial portfolio.

Monitor Plan

Monitoring plan on a regular basis and adjusting plan accordingly with life changes.