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The WealthVault personal finance portal is available free of charge to our valued clients. WealthVault is a new technology developed to provide you with an interactive wealth management tool. In the past, people have completed financial plans which reflect their financial situation at a particular point in time. Knowing that life is changing, we will now use a system which tracks and monitors your financial plan on a daily basis.

The available services built into WealthVault include:

  • 24 hour access to your personal website and financial information
  • Account Connections
  • Alerts to let us know of important changes in your accounts
  • Online Vault for storing documents
  • Frequent flyer account mileage tracking system
  • Mobile account web access

We strive to provide knowledgeable and strategic advice, to ensure our clients can make informed investment and lifestyle decisions. WealthVault is a personalized planning tool and will assist us in making these decisions, by maintaining up-to-date and accurate financial information.


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