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Financial Planning and Wealth Management

Wagner Financial is a local independent financial planning and wealth management firm established in 1989. We are focused on one goal – helping individuals, families, and businesses make wise financial decisions.
We are passionate about honoring our clients’ individual goals and preferences. Our goal is to preserve and grow their assets so that retirement goals are addressed and a legacy is passed on to their loved ones. We hold ourselves to the highest levels of integrity and accountability to ensure that we are doing our absolute best for each and every one of our clients.

Wagner Financial offers its clients an exclusive, secure online account aggregation service.

Risk Number

The Risk Number is the first ever way to objectively pinpoint individual investor risk tolerance.

Meet our Staff

Our experienced professionals have helped many people just like you pursue their financial objectives.

Our Process

We do our best to educate our clients and take the mystery out of investing, insurance, and preserving wealth.

Our Financial Planning Process:


in order to get to know you and understand your goals and objectives. This is an important conversation to establish a foundation for our relationship. Any initial questions or concerns will be discussed free of charge.


on important data for analysis such as investment statements, tax returns, insurance policies, etc. In addition, we run through an exercise to determine your own unique level of risk tolerance using the risk number method.


the data to determine if you are on a realistic path to pursuing your goals and objectives. This includes measuring the risk within your current investment portfolio and financial plan, then stress testing them under unexpected financial variables, both positive and negative.


and specific action items regarding your plan and investment portfolio are discussed. We will visually review the stress test results of both the current and recommended plans and portfolios. We work with and provide references to qualified professionals as needed, i.e. CPAs and Estate Planning Attorneys.


of the plan once agreed upon. Our goal is to do all we can to ensure transactions are executed promptly and smoothly. A plan is only as good as its implementation!


your investment portfolio and financial plan, which includes adjusting and rebalancing it to accommodate ever-changing economic and personal circumstances. This involves regular review meetings, critical to the success of the overall plan.

We are Fiduciaries

Our clients have placed us in a position of trust and we take that duty seriously. As Fiduciaries for our clients, it means we follow a high fiduciary standard of care that requires us to put your interests above our own.  

You can trust that we will:

  • act in your best interest,
  • be transparent about costs and fees associated with our services,
  • disclose any conflicts of interest that may be present when providing recommendations,
  • help you understand all of the options available to you,
  • provide prudent investment advice,
  • avoid high cost or high commission products, and
  • be truthful with you about the risks you take when investing.

If you are worried that the advisor you are currently working with may not be acting in your best interest, schedule a meeting with us and get a second opinion. The initial consultation is complimentary and it may help put your mind at ease.


News and Updates

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Whats your risk number?

Learn about your true risk tolerance.


Retired, ages 67 & 64

The Smiths are a retired couple who reached out to us to review their portfolio after becoming concerned with its performance. We examined the portfolio and determined that it had a risk number of 78.

After taking the risk number exercise we discovered that their true risk number was 29, significantly lower than the current risk carried in their portfolio. The Smiths portfolio was not aligned with their risk tolerance, it’s no wonder they felt so uncomfortable with their investment portfolio’s performance. After this analysis the Smith’s became clients and we rebalanced the portfolio to reflect who they were as investors and the risk that they were willing to take. ​

Wealth Vision

Get a glimpse into your financial future. We’re able to show you what your cash flow and net worth may look like leading up to and through retirement and under both positive and negative unexpected financial variables.

Stress test your financial plan. We can run custom reports to help you determine whether you can afford to take that dream vacation, fund a college savings plan for a relative, purchase a vacation home, renovate the kitchen, upgrade your vehicle, etc.

BUSINESS OWNERS, ages 56 & 55

John and Irene Williams are clients that needed to make some weighty financial decisions before they retired. They were unsure if their financial plan could withstand some of the goals they had in mind, these goals included continuing their annual vacation trip, funding a college savings plan for all three of their grandchildren, a large home renovation and upgrading their vehicle.

Using our financial planning and forecasting software we were able to determine that most of John and Irene’s goals were reasonable even through some difficult economic forecasts, although we did determine that the annual vacation didn’t need to be so extravagant.

This is a hypothetical example and is not a representative of any specific investment. Your results may vary.

Common Wealth Management Issues

A financial planner needs to be aware of all areas of your wealth and the many aspects that impact it so that nothing is missed and everything works in concert. We not only have in-depth knowledge of financial planning and investment management, but we also bring in other professionals with the necessary expertise to provide you with a comprehensive, successful wealth management plan.

  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement & Income Planning
  • Education & Family Support
  • Estate Planning Distribution
  • Planning for Incapacity
  • Risk Management & Insurance Planning
  • Executor & Trustee Selection
  • Titling & Beneficiary Designations
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Banking & Credit Management
  • Charitable Giving
  • Executive Compensation
  • Tax Planning